Guillermo Quea Campos


Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine
Pronatal Fertility Clinics


Country: Spain, Madrid


Meet Guillermo Quea Campos

Guillermo Quea Campos is Gynaecologist specialising in Fertility and Human Reproduction for more than 15 years. Although he was born in Peru, his entire professional life from training to assistant in reproduction treatment has been in Spain in one of the most important centres and he have obtained a masters degree in Human Reproduction.
Currently he is continuing medical practice and research in reproductive medicine at Pronatal Fertility Clinics in Madrid, with special interest in Ovulation Induction and Implantation Failure.
Subsequently he completed an executive masters in healthcare organisation leadership to satisfy another one his passions: management of healthcare services, total quality and patient centre care. He consider these the most important standard values in assisting up through treatment.
He would like to say thank you for allowing him to share his experience in this field and for the opportunity to pass this on to you.


Languages: English, Spanish

Fertility Answers from Guillermo Quea Campos