What are the signs of successful implantation?

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Answer from: Raúl Olivares, MD

Gynaecologist, Medical Director & Owner
Barcelona IVF

The main sign is going to be a positive test because, unfortunately, this is the only way to be sure that you are pregnant. Sometimes, you may see the implantation spotting, you might be feeling bloated. However, since these are artificial cycles in which you are going to be under the hormones, you’re going to be hyperstimulated, or you’re going to be under hormone replacement therapy, they don’t have to be, let’s say, related to what happens in a natural cycle. It’s really difficult to say whether the cycle has been successful or not before you have your pregnancy test.

The only sign that sometimes makes sense is the implantation spotting, the fact that you may have some light bloatedness like 2-3 days before the pregnancy test that comes and suddenly disappears in 24-36 hours, and that’s it. This sometimes means that the embryo has implanted. Anything else is going to be related to hormonal levels. These hormonal levels are usually going to be of a higher dose than in a natural cycle.

Don’t expect to feel the same thing that when you got pregnant naturally. That sometimes happens with patients that have had miscarriages, they say they feel different. I had patients that felt nothing and got twins.  I had patients who were sure that they were pregnant because of the signs and symptoms, but the outcome was negative.

Answer from: Patricio Calamera, MD, MSc, ObGyn

Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Well, to be sure that the implantation is successful, the only thing that we can do is the blood test, the hcg which is the pregnancy test on a blood sample, but a patient can experience some sort of feeling because of the hormonal change inside of the body. So, it’s very common the breast tenderness and like some sort of pain or like they’re going to have a period, some inches in at the pelvis, at the uterine level – those are all signs of of a correct implantation and they’re basically because of two things the uterus start to change their shape and position because it’s growing and because of the hormonal changes inside the body.

Answer from: Guillermo Quea Campos

Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine
Pronatal Fertility Clinics

Unfortunately not. In some cases very small bleeding may occur but this is not always the case. The only way to know or be sure that the implantation has been successful is when we have the positive pregnancy test and when performing the confirmation ultrasound we find the intrauterine gestational sac.

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