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Our fertility journeys are unique to us, rollercoasters of highs and lows, wonder and tears, frustrations and excitement but each comes with a constant – the presence of questions. We all want answers to those questions we feel are important in our journey. Once, equipped with these, we can make fully informed decisions about our treatment and fertility future’s. That’s why we include answers to questions related to IVF ICSI treatment, emotional aspects of infertility and support, egg donation and donor conception options, PGT-A / PGS – embryo genetic diagnosis, male fertility and many others.

Fertility Experts

Raul Olivares

Raul Olivares, MD

Medical Director & Owner - Barcelona IVF

Patricio Calamera, MD, MSc, ObGyn

Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Kate Davis

Kate Davies

Nurse, Fertility Nurse Consultant
United Kingdom

dr Doug Lester

Douglas Lester, PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Fertility Genomics
United Kingdom

Guillermo Quea Campos

Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine
Pronatal Fertility Clinics

Sibte e Hassan

Sibte Hassan, MBBS, FCPS, MRCOG, MSc

Gynaecologist, Fertility specialist and Gynaecologist
London Womens Clinic
United Kingdom

Alpesh Doshi

Alpesh Doshi

Embryologist, Consultant Embryologist and Co-founder at IVF London
United Kingdom

How does it work?

We pose a specific fertility question to a hand-picked group of fertility experts to answer.
All the answers are recorded in a form of videos and are published on our website and YouTube channel.
All videos have been made available for you to access at any time from the comfort of your own home.




Jargon free answers to your fertility questions.

Are you having trouble with conceiving? Do you have many unanswered questions and are at a loss to know where to start? You are not alone.

Each of our fertility journey’s is unique, they may be straightforward, exciting and pain free but many are not. Many are challenging, problematic, frustrating, and overwhelming. ‘Why I am not getting pregnant?’ is a question which is designed to answer. In one, single, easy to navigate space we offer answers and options to anyone dealing with infertility.

Many of us are not fortunate to have unlimited access to support, specialist expertise, resources, and guidance. If you are having trouble getting pregnant this is the time when you need support, answers and options the most. is created with you in mind, supported by experts with proven experience to ensure your experience is the best that it can be. is designed to address your concerns, clarify your doubts, and make the process of identifying fertility options that much easier. Led by fertility experts, directed by you, is our core purpose.

We understand how frustrating it can be searching endless resources to find answers to the questions that concern you, and not finding satisfactory solutions.

We want to make your comprehensive resource, to ensure you identify and receive all the support and information you deserve.

We have invited leading fertility specialists including doctors, embryologists, psychologists, coaches, counsellors and therapists to share their knowledge and expertise with you. All have extensive experience of women with infertility and infertility in men. offers you the most comprehensive and diverse platform available for anyone having trouble with conceiving, we cover topics such as diagnosis and treatment, nutrition, diet, emotional support, and fertility coaching.

Many of you have contacted us, requesting questions to ask a fertility doctor. The questions and subsequent answers will depend on your personal circumstances. Whether it is question about infertility in women or infertility secondary, provides answers on any aspect of your fertility journey.

The idea behind is simple: we pose a specific question to a hand picked group of fertility experts to answer. The specialists are from clinic and community settings throughout the world which provides a comprehensive and balanced perspective. All the answers are recorded in the form of a video and are published on our website and YouTube channel. All videos will made available for you to access at any time from the comfort of your own home. Importantly, accessing this help will come at no cost to you.

With the help of we aim to answer the questions that are most relevant to you. Led by fertility experts but importantly, directed by you, provides a platform where your voice will be heard and your needs answered.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of our experts’ knowledge and availability!