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What is uterine PRP?

1 fertility expert(s) answered this question

Answer from: Jana Bechthold, MD

Gynaecologist, Reproductive Gynecologist
Clinica Tambre

Uterine PRP is the administration of platelet-rich plasma which we achieve from the patients on blood inside the uterus to help the endometrium grow. It is used, especially in women with thin endometrium or with implantation failure, to help have a thicker endometrium and, therefore, have a higher success rate of embryo transfer.

About this question:

What is platelet-rich plasma therapy of uterus rejuvenation?

Can PRP improve endometrial receptivity by improving cell proliferation, vascularization, anti-inflammatory properties and reducing fibrosis, with the help of the concentrated peptides, GFs and cytokines in PRP?

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