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Is ovarian rejuvenation procedure safe?

2 fertility expert(s) answered this question

Answer from: Halyna Strelko, MD

Gynaecologist, Co-founder& Leading Reproduction Specialist
IVMED Fertility Center

The method is quite young so it is difficult to say what effects we will get in 10 -15 years. It seems to be quite safe but it is too early to say what the risks are because normally for oncological problems for some borderline sickness, it needs a minimum of 10-15 years to develop and to understand if, in such a population, the risk increases. The literature says that now it seems it is quite safe.

If you are talking about PRP it is not a very high cost because we are using patients’ own blood: we centrifugate several times, we are using several tubes, and some needles for injection and it does not generate a high cost. Other methods with the laparoscopic treatment I cannot say how costly it is because we are not doing it so, we have no price but for sure it costs much more.

Answer from: Laura García de Miguel, MD

Gynaecologist, Fertility Specialist
Clinica Tambre

PRP ovarian treatment infusion is a safe treatment if you do it with experienced hands. I recommend doing it under sedation in the theatre room and it is necessary to have a very good ultrasound machine because we need to do this injection with a very high precision in order to include the PRP growth factors in the ovary and not in other places.

About this question:

Are there any side effects or risks of ovarian rejuvenation treatment?

Ovarian rejuvenation treatment is a procedure whose aim is to restore ovarian fertility. Ovarian rejuvenation has been used to enhance fertility in women after 35 or with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI).

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