Does PRP improve egg quality?

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Does PRP affect fertility?

Can PRP treatment (platelet-rich plasma) improve the quality of oocytes in women suffering from low-quality ovarian function?

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Gynaecologist, Co-founder& Leading Reproduction Specialist IVMED Fertility Center

There are different types of rejuvenation. If we are talking about PRP, the method is to take blood, own blood, prepare this blood in a specific way, necessary centrifugate several times, take these activated lymphocytes, and inject them inside of the ovary. We have done this procedure several times and in some cases, it improved after two to three months. In some cases, sincerely speaking I don’t see a lot of results. It is difficult to say in which case it will be really helpful. We are doing that for thin endometrium: we inject these cells inside of the uterus during the preparation for the embryo transfer and sometimes it improves endometrium but in some patients, there is no reaction (no improvement).

There is another method of rejuvenation: we take some part of ovarian tissue, then do specific preparation to activate factors that normally regulate the transformation from preantral follicles in small antral, etc., then, we put it back. This method, according to the literature, gives better results. In Ukraine, we still did not try to do that. One clinic reported that tried to do it but not enough information if it is maybe very helpful. Some authors say that it is a good and interesting method.

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Gynaecologist, Fertility Specialist Clinica Tambre

PRP ovarian infusions will not improve the quality of your eggs. It will consist of a treatment that will try to retrieve more eggs, especially in patients that have very low ovarian reserve or low ovarian response. But unfortunately, this is not helping to improve quality.

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