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What does euploid embryo mean?

4 fertility expert(s) answered this question

Answer from: Andrew Thomson, FRCPath

Embryologist, Consultant Clinical Embryologist & Laboratory Manager
Centre for Reproduction and Gynaecology Wales (CRGW)

The other arm of preimplantation genetic testing is looking at aneuploidy within the embryo. So that’s looking at the chromosomes making sure that you have 46 chromosomes and they’re all in the right shape. It’s currently red-lighted by the HFEA and some clinics will offer it and others won’t.

Answer from: Andrea Sánchez Freire

Senior Embryologist
ReproMed Ireland

An embryo that contains a normal number of chromosomes is an euploid embryo. The percentage of euploid embryos decreases with the age of the patient, considering patients of advanced maternal age with 38 years or more. In IVF cycles with preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) with patients of advanced maternal age, it´s observed that euploid embryo transfer increases pregnancy rates, but having an euploid embryo doesn’t mean that the embryo will implant in the uterus, this depends on more factors.

Answer from: Alessandra Parrella

Embryologist, Andrologist, Embriologist
IVF-Life Group

So an euploid embryo is an embryo that has the correct number of chromosomes while an aneuploid embryo on the contrary has an incorrect number of chromosomes – this means that there is one chromosome more or one chromosome less, for example, and in this case, these embryos that are considered aneuploid they cannot be transferred because can lead to pregnancy loss.

Answer from: Despina Tzanakaki

Senior Embryologist, Director of IVF and Andrology lab at Aretaieio Hospital

Euploid embryo is an embryo which contains a normal number of chromosomes that is 46 chromosomes 23 of which are contributed by the sperm and 23 by the egg.

About this question:

Does embryo grading matter if euploid?

Euploid embryos are named one that after genetic testing came back with the result of being “genetically normal”. Would that mean that this kind of embryos are always implanted? What are the benefits of knowing which embryos are euploid?

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