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Despina Tzanakaki


Despina Tzanakaki


Senior Embryologist, Director of IVF and Andrology lab at Aretaieio Hospital


Meet Despina Tzanakaki

Despina is a clinical embryologist and lab manager of the IVF unit in a University Hospital in Athens, Greece. She studied biology at the University of Patras in Greece and then she obtained Master’s degree in Assisted Reproduction Technology from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. She has been working as a clinical embryologist for more than 20 years and her major fields of interest include Andrology, biology, cryopreservation and quality control of the IVF lab. Destina is really happy and excited about having recently accomplished an extensive renovation of a university-based IVF Unit and this was a great project which gave her the opportunity to introduce new techniques in the lab and establish state-of-the-art pieces of equipment. Moreover, she do enjoy training young biologists who have a great interest in clinical embryology and it’s a fascinating scientific field but of course Destina’s main interest is the personalized therapeutic approach of the infertile couple. She believes that the proper diagnosis and the individualized treatment can maximize a couple’s chances to have a healthy child following the shortest and safest way.


Languages: English, Greek