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Does assisted hatching increase chances for pregnancy?

3 fertility expert(s) answered this question

Answer from: Saghar Kasiri, Clinical Embryologist

Embryologist, Director of European Operations
Cryos International

There isn’t any data that would say either way. What has happened with assisted hatching is that it has assisted, that we be able to have embryos with issues with the zona, to be able to actually hatch and without embryos hatching would not have had implantation right. So yes, for some patients it is helpful but it’s not something that’s used regularly for all patients that are going through IVF treatments.

Answer from: Andrew Thomson, FRCPath

Embryologist, Consultant Clinical Embryologist & Laboratory Manager
Centre for Reproduction and Gynaecology Wales (CRGW)

Assisted Hatching is a quite controversial technique and it’s been around for a long time. There is some evidence that it might improve frozen embryo implantation because the way that the embryos are frozen, in a process called vitrification, there is a theory that that hard shell left over from your eggs, can harden during the freezing process and there by doing assisted hatching, you sort of bypass that reaction. But again, we’ve done studies here which have shown no difference. So, we don’t feel it will necessarily increase your chances of implantation or success.

Answer from: Yacoub Khalaf, Professor

Gynaecologist, Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at King’s College

I doubt really because most of the evidence that has been published does not show any effect so much. So that people are really considering it as an obsolete technique.

About this question:

How effective is assisted hatching?

Constant developments on virtually every step is made on the daily basis, however to truly be sure that something is working, time is what is essential as only after a number of procedures, then using the particular technique, can we be sure that something is really working.

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