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Does PGT-A / PGS reduce miscarriage risk?

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Answer from: Dimitra Christopikou, Clinical Laboratory Geneticist

Geneticist, Head of the PGT lab Embryogenesis IVF Unit Athens

All the trials up to now, there are not many, and all the observational and retrospective analysis show it doesn’t. However some papers from good labs show it reduces the miscarriage rate. This depends on the type of research and how someone plans the research schedule in order to test and have an answer for this type of question. In our lab it reduces the miscarriage risk but does not eliminate it as miscarriages happen in humans due to other factors such as immunological factors, thrombophilia factors and uterine factors. Therefore someone, like a doctor should really test for all these factors in recurrent miscarriage couples and then direct the couple to go through PGTA. 

About this question:

Are PGS tested embryos less likely to miscarry?

Studies show that miscarriage rates are reduced thanks to genetic testings. Is that adequate for all age groups or the percentage is age dependant?

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