Can a woman get pregnant without eggs?

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Can you have a baby without eggs?

What are the options for ladies who run out of eggs? Can you still get pregnant after you went through menopause? Are the donor’s eggs the only solution?

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Embryologist, Business Owner at Two Lines Fertility

No. Don’t have eggs, you can’t make a cake.
Raw ingredients: you need eggs, you need sperm – make a baby. You would need to go to donor eggs if there are no eggs left – donor eggs is your option.

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Embryologist, Reader (Associate Professor) in Reproductive Science at Manchester Metropolitan University

Can a woman get pregnant without eggs? Biologically no, they need their own eggs to get pregnant, to be able to fertilize those on eggs where they can develop into embryos but clinically, they can, they can get pregnant using donor eggs. So, women who are of a certain age who are not producing their own eggs or have a premature menopause or ovarian failure they may be able to receive eggs from a donor, those eggs can be fertilized with their partner or donor sperm and then those embryos can be implanted into the woman’s womb where if anything goes well, a pregnancy can ensue and a live birth can follow that. So clinically – yes, biologically – no.

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