What should I eat before IVF egg retrieval?

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Answer from: Alpesh Doshi

Embryologist, Consultant Embryologist and Co founder at IVF London

Everything that you have been eating so far. If you have to take nutritional advice which I always think is a very good thing, certainly preconception then that should have happened at least a month or two before going for IVF, not necessarily just the day before the egg collection. Because let’s not forget that in men the sperm is made months before the actual day, so we want to make sure that both the male and the female have adopted good lifestyle changes, good eating habits at least a month or two before their IVF. Take all the advice that you need to, there’s some amazing fertility nutritionists that only focus on fertility. Take their opinions, we are not experts by any means. As IVF staff they are more accredited people who have studied nutrition and fertility to a much larger extent than us. All we can tell you is make sure you take your multivitamins, make sure you can take your folic acid, make sure you eat foods which are rich in proteins. But a nutritionist will give you much more intricate and specific advice based on your specific lifestyle.

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What should I eat before retrieval?

You can benefit from a healthy lifestyle and therefore before egg retrieval it is also recommended to proceed with healthy food choices like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and clean proteins such as fish, legumes, and low-fat poultry.

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