Can you do egg retrieval without anestesia?

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Do you have to go under anestesia for egg retrieval?

Usually clinicians prefer to proceed with anesthesia as there is greater risk that the patient will move and it may affect the outcome or even cause injury for the patient. In the case of a natural cycle where only one follicle is expected and the patient has higher resistance to pain, local anesthesia may be suggested.

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Embryologist, Consultant Embryologist and Co founder at IVF London

The answer is yes you can. It’s not advised but you do get some patients who may be at a risk with anesthesia. For example women with a very high BMI, may be at a slightly higher risk of taking any kind of anesthesia, so they may be advised to have an egg collection procedure just under local anesthetic. It is not the most comfortable I must add, but in some patients either they choose not to have an anesthetic or medically it may be recommended for them not to have any kind of sedatives or anesthesia

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