What to do and what not to do during IVF stimulation protocol?

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Answer from: Scott Nelson, Professor

Gynaecologist, Muirhead Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic and Medical Director at Access Fertility

What I would recommend people to do is: make sure if you already optimize your lifestyle in advance of that iIVF cycle treatment. Just maintain it, just keep doing the exact same things, don’t have any changes and just continue that. In terms of what you should not do, that means hopefully you’ve already changed all that adverse behavior. You’re not doing anything that you shouldn’t be doing. Everyone knows what an optimal lifestyle is. Just don’t give up on it, continue to deal with it and continue that throughout the cycle until you get that pregnancy test.

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What are dos and don'ts for patients during the stimulation process?

The very basic advice is not to do high-intensity exercises. Also, if your work requires heavy lifting or any strenuous activity, you should consider taking time off. How about any other activities?

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