Can IVF cause endometrial hyperplasia?

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Can you do IVF with endometrial hyperplasia?

Can endometrial hyperplasia go away on its own? Does progesterone cause endometrial hyperplasia?

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Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Hyperplasia, well actually if it does if you find any hyperplasia on the endometrium you have to check it. Checking it out as we talked before on one of the questions when having a too thick endometrium it can be because of hyperplasia. Hyperplasia is an excessive growth of the endometrium. It can be because of a polyp or it can be because the endometrium grows a lot. Well, when the endometrium grows a lot you have to check on the endometrium, do a biopsy and do an anatomical pathology to see that there’s nothing else going on in there. ​

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