Is IVF more successful with frozen embryos?

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Should I go with frozen embryo transfer as it is allegedly more successful?

The success of IVF with fresh versus frozen embryos can vary depending on several factors, including individual patient’s case. Both fresh and frozen embryo transfer methods have their advantages and potential benefits. But are frozen embryos more successful the end?

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Gynaecologist, Fertility Specialist Clinica Tambre

There are some articles in the literature that reveal that the probability of a frozen embryo transfer is higher than a fresh embryo transfer. By contrast, when we review in meta-analysis there are no big differences. Before, we used to consider that fresh was much better than frozen, whereas right now the probabilities are very similar. So, there will be differences in regards to the endometrium preparation, in regards to other factors. If the survival of the embryo is expected, the quality is OK, the success rate will be more or less the same with a fresh transfer than a frozen embryo transfer.

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