How can I increase my sperm count naturally?

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Answer from: Xanthi Maragkoudaki, MSc, ANutr, PhD

Dietician / nutritionist, Lecturer in Nutrition and Public Health at University of Westminster

There are men who are exposed to pesticides, polutens – that has been associated with sperm quality. Zinc plays a huge role in sperm quality. So, making sure that you are getting an adequate dose of zinc, adequate protein intakes but not exceeding and making sure that you have the right balance between plant based proteins and animal based proteins is important as well as consumption of saturated fats and trans fat has been proven to have an impact on sperm quality.

Answer from: Apostolos Georgiannakis, M.Sc., Ph.D

Andrologist, Sperm Quality Specialist

We are always advising men to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise moderately as well (without overdoing it), when we say healthy lifestyle, we mean to be careful of their BMI, to consume nutritious food, make sure that they don’t have a large consumption of alcohol, they don’t smoke, they don’t use steroids in the gym and this is something that we’ve seen men more and more nowadays steroid abuse for enhanced performance in the gym which can have a massive impact on the on the spam count. I would answer this by saying a healthy lifestyle and moderate exercise as well to keep the testosterone levels healthy( as testosterone regulates spermatogenesis) – I think those two things exercising and a healthy life it’s the only things that a patient, a man can do. Should there be a declining semen quality or any other problems with their secretions (ejaculates) they need to go to a fertility specialist.

Answer from: Sheena Lewis, Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Andrologist, CEO Examen, Executive committee ARCS

We know that for a man having a good diet and eating plenty of fruit and veg, getting plenty of sleep, not being too overweight -all of these things can keep a man’s sperm healthy.

Answer from: Ro Huntriss, Fertility Dietician

Dietician / nutritionist, Director at Dietitian Ro Ltd

We know that with male fertility the aspects that we tend to focus on are the firm parameters and there’s several of them. So, sperm count being one of them and there are several things that are linked with affecting sperm count. From a lifestyle perspective, we know that sleep can affect sperm count, activity levels, our weight and certain elements of nutrition as well. So, from from the nutrition point of view, obviously we want to try and achieve that that healthy weight and there are certain nutrients that have been shown to improve sperm count and some of these include vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10 and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) to give a few examples.

Answer from: Renata Finelli

Embryologist, Junior Embryologist at CREATE Fertility

If you wish to increase your sperm count naturally, there are some behaviours you can adopt, for example, thinking of lifestyle. It is important to have good healthy nutrition, eat many fruits and vegetables as they are rich in antioxidants. Of course it is also important to prevent or manage stress as stress can significantly impact on semen quality and male fertility. Stop smoking, limit use of alcohol, have regular exercise and lose weight in cases of obesity. These are all factors related to lifestyle where we can really act and do something to improve semen quality. It is also important to speak with our physicians and doctors if we are taking medication that could somehow influence our semen quality. Do not forget exposure to environmental factors such as lead. Pollutants themselves could affect semen quality. The last suggestion is to stay cool, remember that the habits that could increase heat in the scrotum can affect spermatogenesis. For example, do not work with your laptops on your legs, avoid saunas and hot tub’s. The temperature in the scrotum should be kept lower than the body temperature.

Answer from: Kirill Ivanov, MD

Andrologist, Urologist
EGV Clinic

Sperm quality is mostly dependent on congenital testicular function. Every man can improve his spermogram by himself. Firstly, avoid smoking. Secondly, avoid drinking alcohol so much that you feel sick the next morning, and don’t drink beer. Also, don’t drink too much coffee and make sure not to be overweight. Obese men usually have worse spermogram results than men with a normal weight.

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