How many embryos should you have for PGT-A / PGS test?

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Answer from: Raúl Olivares, MD

Gynaecologist, Medical Director & Owner
Barcelona IVF

I would say that we never have enough embryos, but the figures will depend a lot on the medical indication. For example, we know that patients over 42 years old are likely to have only around 10% of genetically normal embryos. This means that in these cases, we should aim to have at least 10 embryos to statistically guarantee a successful embryo transfer. Other indications, such as recurrent miscarriages or when patients carry a genetic abnormality like a translocation, may require a different number of embryos. However, on average, we would say that between 6 and 12 embryos is a good number depending on each case to ensure a successful transfer.




Answer from: Dimitra Christopikou, Clinical Laboratory Geneticist

Geneticist, Head of the PGT lab
Embryogenesis IVF Unit Athens

In my opinion it is nice to test as many embryos as you have. However, since we are talking about this test being applied and helping women above thirty eight or forty years of age, these are the women that have fewer oocytes, fewer embryo’s and fewer blastocysts developing. If they have an indication I would recommend this test even in a single embryo, however the reality of this test will help you when you test more than two to three embryos. So when you are testing more than three blastocysts, then you have a larger chance of having a normal embryo and a bigger chance of getting  pregnant and a healthy baby. So this type of test is more helpful with more embryos that you have to test. There is no magic number and since you are testing aged embryos that come from aged women you will have less and less blastocysts formed.

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Is there an optimal number of embryos that should be genetically tested?

Genetic testing is seen as procedure which reduces level of miscarriage. How about embryos that are not so well developed? Shall we test them all or those uncertain only?

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