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How to get rid of bloating after egg retrieval?

3 fertility expert(s) answered this question

Answer from: Patricio Calamera, MD, MSc, ObGyn

Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Well, actually bloating can be one of the side effects of the ovarian hyperstimulation which is not basically because of the egg retrieval, it’s actually because the ovary gets really big through the process of medication, the protocol, the IVF protocol. So, we need to wait. There’s some things that we can do all of these are mostly when we have a young patient or a high responder. We can do a medication called cabergoline to help the the ovaries to get back to normal size faster and we can use some ice (like the the ice package) that we use when we get hit, we can put that on our belly and basically give some time because it’s just something temporary and it will eventually get better really soon.

Answer from: Alpesh Doshi

Embryologist, Consultant Embryologist and Co founder at IVF London

I always advise that patients should drink plenty of fluids especially if they have produced a lot of eggs and a lot of follicles, they are more likely to over respond or hyperstimulate or mild hyperstimulation. Plenty of fluids, they should be drinking to their thirst all their time. The more water they drink, the more water they’ll pass out and the more hormones will pass out as well. There’s a lot of build up of estrogen in the body that is making them feel unwell so these estrogens have to really pass out in the urine, so the more water they drink the better. Apart from that there is nothing else you can do to minimize the risk of hyperstimulation. You have to wait and watch and just drink plenty of fluids.

Answer from: Francisco Anaya, Dr

UR Vistahermosa

What we do is we try not to do very hard stimulations. We use less dose than we used to use some years before. We also give our patients some painkillers during the process of egg retrieval so they can wake up from the process much better. Anyway, it is something that, with adequate treatment, and just maybe one or two days of a quiet life, disappears very fast.

About this question:

How long does bloating last after egg retrieval?

One of the side effects of ovarian stimulation can be abdominal cramping and bloating and usually all those discomforts that patients experience will last a maximum of a week after the egg retrieval.

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