How do you know if your egg quality is good?

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How can I test my egg quality at home?

How can I improve my egg quality?

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Gynaecologist, Consultant Gynaecologist and Clinical Director of Lister Fertility

You don’t – is the honest answer. Whether you’re coming through for egg freezing or IVF, all the markers that we have assess egg quantity rather than egg quality and even when we remove the eggs and freeze them for egg freezing, when we look at the eggs before we fertilize them. Yes, there are some obvious markers that tell us these eggs don’t look great but actually, if they look okay and they look mature, we don’t know about the genetics of them. Creating embryos you can quantify quality a little bit better but even beautiful embryos aren’t always genetically normal so, there isn’t really a great indicator. All we know is unfortunately that as you do get a little, as we all get a little bit older, the quality and quantity of the eggs go down, the chance of any egg being genetically normal does go down. So, the only way you can quantify is by age and beyond that, it’s only really when you get them and allow, as I said, you can get a little bit of an indicator.

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