What vitamins improve egg quality?

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How can I improve my egg quality with vitamins?

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Dietician / nutritionist, Lecturer in Nutrition and Public Health at University of Westminster

If someone has specific dietary requirements maybe they’re vegetarians or vegans then, they need some supplements. Some supplements to consider since we already mentioned vegetarians would be B12, vitamin D is another supplement to consider for fertility. Both of them B12 is important to improve fertility, vitamin D has also been associated (even though we don’t understand the mechanisms completely), has also been associated with improved fertility. Vitamin C is very easy to take from foods – just a cup of brussels sprouts have more than the recommended requirements per day, watermelon, strawberries, peppers, oranges are some of the greatest vitamin C. However, when you can achieve that, that’s another great micronutrient to consider. Taking the supplement of zinc is very important for both men and women as well. Again, usually meat sources are a great source of zinc, oysters are a great source of zinc as well and nuts as well but again, that’s something that someone could supplement if they think they’re not reaching their potential. CoQ10 before pregnancy as well, folate is very important to actually get 400 micrograms of folate before pregnancy for women since it has been shown not only to improve fertility but also to prevent neural tube defects. Iron deficiency in women has also affected fertility – that’s something else to keep in mind and also Omega-3. Omega-3 is also very important for both men and women so, if you’re not eating enough fish, if you don’t have at least two portions of fish and one portion of oily fish per week then maybe consider taking a supplement of this as well. Also avocado oil evening primrose oil kind of can improve intake of omega-3.

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