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How many follicles on each ovary is normal?

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Answer from: Patricio Calamera, MD, MSc, ObGyn

Gynaecologist, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine Ginemed

It is difficult to say what’s normal as every woman is different in this aspect. What we consider to be a good prognosis is when we have around 8 follicles in each ovary. Of course the less, the worst and if we have more we can get a better prognosis.

Answer from: Zita West

Midwife, Founder of HUG HEALTH LTD

It’s good to have at least 8 to 16 on each ovary.

Answer from: Melina Stasinou, MD, MSc, PhD

Gynaecologist, Consultant Gynaecologist, Reproductive Medicine Specialist

The number of follicles that we can visualise in both of the ovaries and usually we consider that it is satisfactory, is 10 to 15 follicles with the average usually being 12. These are follicles more than 5 or 6 millimeters and usually they are less than 10 millimeters because this is what we consider as the antral follicle count and this is the first indication of how fertile a woman is. On the other hand it depends on the age group as well, for example if we can see in a woman who is 40 years old, an average number of 10 follicles, we are more satisfied than seeing the same number of follicles in a woman who is 30 years old. But the average for all age groups is 10 to 15 follicles in both ovaries.

About this question:

Is it normal to have multiple follicles on ovaries?

There are a couple of factors that can affect the number of antral follicles in the ovaries. Women in reproductive age without any undergoing conditions are expected to have 6-10 follicles.

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