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Fertility Genomics

Fertility Genomics
Fertility Genomics
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
City: Dundee
Address: Fertility Genomics LTD, Po Box 10169, Dundee DD2 9DN, United Kingdom
Phone no: N/A

About Fertility Genomics

Fertility Genomics was formed by a team of dedicated experts in the fields of the physiology and genetics of reproduction. We value integrity and clear communication with our customers. We value the trust that our customers place in us to deliver a quality and reliable service.

Our motivation is to provide people suffering from infertility with access to the best scientific methods and information that can improve their chances of fertilisation success. We are passionate about discovering causes and treatments of infertility and commit a minimum of 5% of our profits towards basic research. Sound ethical principles are at the core of Fertility Genomics. We require your explicit permission to keep your DNA for research. We fully understand the need for privacy and our saliva sample kits are discreetly designed to reflect this.

Geneticist, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer Fertility Genomics
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