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Country: Spain
City: Zaragoza
Address: Fenomatch, Calle San Juan y San Pedro 7 local 1, Zaragoza 50001, Spain
Phone no: +34 976 23 39 05

About Fenomatch

Fenomatch helps clinics to find the right donor for each patient, using a donor management platform with integrated AI (artificial intelligence). With our tool clinics can

  • Filter donors by their facial resemblance to the patient: The tool uses AI to compare over 12,000 biometric data points,
  • Check genetic compatibility: With just one click,
  • Minimise the risk of human error: Traits such as ethnicity and gender are automatically verified which provides traceability,
  • Provide peace of mind to the patient: A certificate verifies the use of the latest technology in the donor selection process,
  • Save time and improve efficiency: It gives objective criteria to make the right decision,
  • Find the most suitable donor for the patient: Work with their own gamete bank or connect with others.

Our goal is to create secure technological systems that make the assisted reproduction process more efficient, as well as providing happiness and peace of mind for the families involved. We are certified by ISO 13485 and we are GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

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