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Sergio Gonzalez


Sergio Gonzalez, MSc




Country: Spain, Zaragoza


Meet Sergio Gonzalez

Sergio Gonzalez is a biotechnologist that has been specialized in assisted reproduction since 2016. He has always been attracted to the field of fertility and he describes himself as empathic, which allows him to understand the patient’s needs closely.

Sergio says: “I always wanted to help people and there is not such a big dream for me as helping them to have a healthy child”. Sergio is also a full supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity of having a family, no matter the gender, sexuality or any other related issues of the people involved.

At present, he is an embryologist at Fenomatch, a software company that has developed a tool specifically designed for the donor selection process. Why? Because Sergio believes that patients and specialists should benefit from the new technologies that can help them in
providing security within the process they are going through or with the procedures, they have to carry on in the lab.


Languages: English, Spanish

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