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Nurit Winkler


Nurit Winkler


Gynaecologist, Co-Onwer and Co-Founder at Los Angeles Reproductive Center


Meet Nurit Winkler

Dr. Nurit Winkler is a Reproductive Endocrinologist. She is the co-owner and co-founder of the Los Angeles Reproductive Center. She completed her training at Brown University to become an OBGYN and then went into her sub specialty as a fertility specialist in Texas and has been practicing in Los Angeles for many years. She oversees many aspects of fertility especially in what is known as ‘third party’ which is egg donation/surrogacy.
Her take home message for everyone is that once you decide to become a parent , do not give up as there are many ways to achieve it and some of those journey’s are more challenging than others, but the outcome is very beautiful in the end that you should never give up.


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