Monica Bivas

Monica Bivas

Fertility Coach
Monica Bivas Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach

Country: United States of America, New York


Meet Monica Bivas

Monica Bivas is a holistic and mindset fertility coach. She is originally from Colombia in South America but lives in New York with her husband who is from Israel, and two daughters who are IVF children. She became a fertility coach because of her own journey with infertility. Monica went through five cycles of IVF having the first one successful with her first daughter who is 15, then had secondary infertility. Her second cycle was canceled, and the third one resulted in a stillbirth baby girl at 39 weeks. Monica’s fourth cycle was a miscarriage at seven and a half weeks, and finally, her fifth one brought to her daughter Maya who is eight now.

Infertility taught Monica a lot of things: patience and perseverance. When she was going through it there was no support, no social media, no coaching, no emotional support. She came to realize that it was her mission. She loves what she does and decided to help other women and couples all over the world into walking this difficult part in their lives by giving them emotional support, guidance, and always recommend to them the best possible option when trying to conceive.

Monica Bivas is also a certified fertility coach from the Wholesome Lotus Fertility Program. Monica is very active on her Instagram and Facebook page and she is there to support your journey anytime. While working with her, you’ll come to realize that your experience with IVF is a blessing, that fertility treatment doesn’t need to be a stressful process, and that your journey with IVF can help strengthen your marriage/relationship and help you develop a whole new outlook on life.

Languages: English