Eugenia Rocafort, BSc, MSc


Embryologist, Senior Embryologist ESHRE and ASEBIR certified
Quironsalud Hospital Barcelona


Country: Spain, Barcelona


Meet Eugenia Rocafort

Eugenia Rocafort is a Senior Embryologist working at Quironsalud and Medical Center Teknon both hospitals based in Barcelona. Her passion for embryology started very early when she was making a bachelor degree and had to decide what to do. Her mom gave her a book of the story of the first baby born in Spain by IVF and she decided that that was what she wanted to do. Eugenia studied health biology in the University of Barcelona after that she did a master’s in biomedicine which allowed her to go to Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. The Master Thesis was about In-vitro Maturation of human oocytes. Finally she proceeded with specialisation at Institut Dexeus with the Master in Human Reproduction. She has worked in several laboratories that have given her a wide expertise. This year she achieved the senior certification of embryology by the ESHRE and the Spanish embryology society. What she likes the most about her job is to be in direct contact with patients by guiding them and helping them and most importantly by making their wish come true that is having a baby. She is truly thrilled about the embryology lab because they have new technologies that amaze her every day like time lapse that allows to watch embryos 24/7 or genetic diagnosis that is allowing families with inherited diseases to have babies without them. Eugenia is very excited about what the future of embryology will bring and she hopes to be able to help you all.


Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan