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Elli Papadopoulou


Elli Papadopoulou, BSc


Psychologist, In Vivo Fertility, Founder and CEO
In Vivo Fertility


Country: Greece, Athens


Meet Elli Papadopoulou

Elli is a trained Psychologist and an MBA graduate, for a big part of her professional life she worked in the creative world of Advertising and corporate Communications
Her curiosity, delight and respect for human nature and people have been a driving passion for her ever since she can remember.
With her husband, they have been through the Assisted fertility journey many times.
Since then, she has been working towards using her experience, both academic and professional, in providing support, to individuals, couples and families travelling their own fertility journey.
She is a great believer in Continual learning and self development, so her certification as an Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP global trainer and coach from the NLP University in Santa Cruz California, was a turning point for her.
I wouldn’t stop thinking HOW all these newly acquired ‘wisdom’ could be put to the task for her Mission and Vision.
That was how In Vivo Fertility came to life. It is her  very own IVF baby.
So she has developed a system, a way, a methodology to support and enhance the experience for individuals, couples and families who want to expand their family.
The Fertility, subfertility and Assisted Reproduction life stage can be seen as a problem – and it certainly feels like it…
Her aspiration as a coach, mentor, and therapist, as a fertility advocate, as a human being is to inspire people to see this problem as a challenge and even as an invitation.
It is an invitation to explore, expand and build even deeper and more meaningful relationships –  with your partner, your loved ones and particularly with the one most important person in your life – YOURSELF.
Elli hold 121 fertility mindset sessions, fertility mastermind groups, she provides trainings and mindset education to Fertility Clinics, and she is a proud spokesperson on fertility issues.
The skills and learnings you develop during your fertility challenges, is a great investment in your future life to come!
Fertility is not just a life stage. It is a way of thinking and being. 

Let’s make the most of it! 



Languages: English, Greek

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